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Serdar Arslan Expat and Relocation Service
Serdar Arslan

Expat & Relocation Service
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19719

More than ten years ago, he was the „newcomer“ in Austria. Born in Turkey, he has gone through the process „coming from a third country“ from A to Z and has also done a few „extra rounds“ and therefore knows that it is often the little things that cost time – and patience. He is happy to pass on this experience.
"I have never regretted the decision to move my professional future and my centre of life to Austria. I have experienced the immigration process myself and therefore know only too well what is important."

We are there for you.
For Lower Austrian companies and their internationals
as well as for Lower Austrian companies that need support
in the preparation of their export activities or those
that are interested in export funding.


Gabriele Forgues
Gabriele Forgues

Managing Director ecoplus International GmbH
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19716

What is it that characterises successful businesses and what do they need to thrive in the international marketplace? These are the questions that Gabriele Forgues – appropriately enough – deals with on a day-to-day basis. After studying business at Vienna University of Economics and Business and specialising in (unsurprisingly) export and international marketing, Gabriele Forgues worked for several years outside Austria in the fields of both international sales and procurement.

Hermann Kalenda​
Hermann Kalenda

Managing Director ecoplus International GmbH
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19710

His know-how, experience and his network of contacts are worth their weight in gold. It goes without saying that it is not always easy to break into new markets and that smaller organisations in particular need to invest considerable effort, resources and determination to achieve this. At the same time, however, it also goes without saying that we  – as  the internationalisation agency of the province of Lower Austria – see it as our primary mission to facilitate this for our clients.


Slavisa Milanovic

Business Location Consultant Lower Austria
Phone.: +43 2742 9000-19721
Mobile:+43 664 601 19721

Slavisa knows how to inspire, bring things together and get them off the ground. And that is all to the good. Because he is the first point of contact for international businesses and the prime mover where finding a site in Lower Austria is concerned. Working in the entertainment and do-it-yourself market sectors for over a decade, he demonstrated his ability to deal with a wide variety of challenges, managing to establish marketing structures and brands throughout Europe.


Bettina Obermann​
Bettina Obermann

Help with finding investors
Phone.: +43 2742 9000-19721

She looks after our website and thanks to her enthusiasm in the case of Bettina it‘s in good hands. In addition, Bettina is also fascinated by databases and statistics. Born in Lower Austria, Bettina enjoys exercise and spends as much of her spare time as she can among nature with her family.

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ecoplus International. The internationalisation agency of the state of Lower Austria. We help you get started quickly and successfully in Austria. From idea to opening day. To do this, we navigate you through funding, permits and necessary paperwork. Structured, organised and efficient. We also advise you on the choice of location on financing issues. Another plus: this comprehensive care package is free of charge.

Big plans often start with a good conversation.


Diana Schauer Project Manager ecoplus International
Diana Schauer

Project Manager
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19714

Michael Ecker Project Manager
Michael Ecker

Project Manager
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19718

Marlene Lediger Project Manager
Marlene Lediger

Project Manager
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19712

Petra Pfeiffer Project Manager
Petra Pfeiffer

Project Manager
tel.: +43 2742 9000-19711

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