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The ecoplus International Expat & Relocation Service supports Lower Austrian companies and international key workers with problems they may have with work permits, residence permits and other issues concerning health, housing, education & leisure. You too can benefit from our service. Free of charge.



Serdar Arlsan is an Expat & Relocation consultant who will support you in all such issues. We will closely cooperate with relevant partners and authorities in Lower Austria since we see ourselves as mediators and facilitators.


Together we’ll be less alone – this is the motto by which we will network internationals – in Lower Austria and beyond. For communication among the like-minded, for networking and exchange of information and to perchance join groups with common interests. We look forward to hearing from you should you be interested in participating in meetups and other events. To keep you up to date:


Information – from A to Z. In addition to our individual support, we also provide Lower Austrian companies or internationals working and living in Lower Austria with comprehensive informative brochures, reference material and our “Welcome package”. We will use our website and newsletter to keep you up to date. Send your request to:

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