Ideal ecosystem

for the chemical industry

Ideal ecosystem for chemical industry

The chemical industry in Austria at a glance
The chemical industry is one of the major industries in Austria and is characterised by its outstanding know-how. Topics of the future such as the circular economy and digitalisation are being driven forward with an unusually high level of innovation and are providing international impetus.

The chemical industry accounts for just under 10% of total spending on research and development in the industrial sector and, with around 240 companies (2018) and over 48,000 employees, for more than 10% of total production output. This means that a significant proportion of all industrial jobs are in the chemicals sector.

A growing chemical industry in Lower Austria
Lower Austria – the largest state of Austria – is making a decisive contribution to the success of the Austrian chemical industry. More than half of all chemicals companies are located in Lower Austria and here achieve a manufacturing turnover of € 144 million. International companies such as Borealis, Sunpor, Jungbunzlauer and Sabic have been operating very successfully for decades in Lower Austria and are continuing to expand their presence. You will find yourself in the best of company.

The rapid growth of the chemical industry in Lower Austria is due to the presence of an optimal infrastructure, the favourable and central location in Europe and the availability of highly trained specialists. The chemical industry in Lower Austria alone employs more than 6,800 people. There is a significant upwards trend in this connection.

Location is key
The proximity to Central and Eastern Europe ensures an exceptionally high export ratio of 62.5% by the Lower Austrian chemical industry. This is a good 10% above the regional average. The extensive trade of the chemicals sector in all countries of the world is also reflected at the national level. In 2019, export turnover of €20.8 billion was achieved with countries on the European continent alone.

For decades, well-developed networks and the extensive expertise of Austrian-based specialists have ensured that Lower Austria remains one of the top distribution hubs EU-wide – especially in the CEE region a good 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Many chemicals companies employ a related business model and have set up CEE competence centres and trading branches here precisely for this reason.

Finally, the chemical industry in Lower Austria enjoys a high reputation. It is not only an important employer but also sustantially contributes to the health of all of us, especially in times such a s the present, manufacturing disinfectants, vaccines, soaps for washing hands, plastics as hygienic packaging material for food, fleeces for masks, rubber gloves, infusion bags and many other medical products that have become an integral part of everyday life. Without chemicals, people would be even more vulnerable to viruses. This gives the chemical industry a  certain prestige and will make it a magnet for skilled workers in the years to come.

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