Five reasons

to be happy when you choose Lower Austria as the base for your (distribution) hub

Quality of life has a name. Lower Austria

„Because I’m happy…“ – It’s not a secret that happy places attract the best talents out there. And happy places usually make people happy – so actually two effects in one. A motivated and talented workforce has a tremendous impact on the success of a company and its power of innovation.

So, yes – the location of your business matters a lot. Come with us and explore why Austria and especially the province of Lower Austria is somewhere worth of living.

1. Austria is among the top 10 happiest countries in the world

The World Happiness Report, published yearly by the UN, focuses primarily on the satisfaction of citizens instead of economic growth and examines six key indicators in over 150 countries: the gross domestic product, life expectancy, social provision for those in need, citizens‘ trust in their government and economy, their perceived freedom of choice and their willingness to donate. For years the Scandinavian countries have been at the top of the ranking. Austria has improved steadily in recent years and in 2020 was ranked 9th.

In the “Quality of Life” Index (IMD 2018), Austria even ranks first, ahead of Norway and Switzerland. And in particular, we are proud of our federal capital, Vienna, which was once again ranked the most liveable city in the world in 2020.

2. A place of nature and recreation

At the point where the Alps and the Pannonian Basin meet as well as the northern and southern climate zones, Lower Austria impresses with unforgettably picturesque landscapes and a large number of recreational sites. And Austria has it all. Here you can experience high alpine regions and deep floodplains, rolling hills and wide plains as well as river valleys, lakes and marshlands. From the enchanting Danube area (with the beautiful UNESCO world heritage Wachau region), to the Weinviertel (Lower Austria’s wine-growing district), the Vienna woods and the Vienna Alps.
Fancy getting to know Lower Austria?

3. Culture at its best

Nowhere else have so many famous composers lived than in the Vienna region, to which Lower Austria belongs. In Lower Austria, tradition meets modernity. As a historical heartland, it is rich in architectural monuments, castles and palaces from numerous eras. St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria and the oldest city in Austria, invites you to linger with its charming little old town and extensive cultural attractions. And when the big city calls for you – the cosmopolitan Vienna is just around the corner.

4. Our talent pool, your benefit

School pupils, students – your skilled employees of tomorrow. Currently, Lower Austria is proud to be home to four universities of applied sciences, four private universities and one post-graduate centre. Lower Austria’s renowned universities and colleges, the practice-orientated education and the dual apprenticeship training scheme which is exemplary worldwide, will secure the next generation of young talent – a talent pool from which your company can certainly benefit.

5. Smart, green and sustainable

In Lower Austria, the smart city concept with its well-developed public infrastructure, use of renewable energies and e-mobility is not just future vision, but is already being lived and actively implemented. The use of e-mobility is experiencing an all-time high not least because of the electric car subsidy. Construction of low-energy and smart buildings has become standard. And don’t forget that Austria is no. 1 in Europe when it comes to organic farming. In no other country are there so many organic farms. In Lower Austria, 22% of farmers are organic.
Not only this, but Austria is the country within the EU with the fourth highest level of sustainability (according to the Europe Sustainability Report 2020).

And finally, did you that with a cultivation area of 460 hectares, Lower Austria is the leading ‘strawberry-growing region’ among the federal provinces of Austria.

If you need even more reasons why you should choose Lower Austria as the base for your next distribution hub, do not hesitate to contact us –

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